Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-A MVA

10/12/22 10:40 – Station 1 and Elk Company 7 were alerted to a vehicle into a structure in the Borough. Chief 1 went enroute but he was delayed. Rescue 1 (Capt. J. Knox) responded, upon arrival Captain Knox established command and cancelled Elk Company 7. One vehicle was found into the rear corner of the structure, the vehicle was secured and crews inspected the interior of the structure. The patient was evaluated by EMS and the vehicle was able to be driven from the scene. The box was placed available.


  • Station 1: Chief 1, Rescue 1, Fire Police
  • Elk 7: Deputy 7, Rescue 7-12
  • Brockway PD
  • Brockway Ambulance
  • DuBois EMS

Command- Captain 1-4