Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-A Structure Fire

1/4/24 10:23 – Station 1 along with automatic mutual aid companies were dispatched for a reported residential structure fire, initial dispatch advised smoke from the chimney and the house. EMS arrived on scene prior to fire units and advised it was a working basement fire. Engine 1 (FF N. Knox) and Tanker 1 (FF T. Fustine) went enroute with Rescue 1 (FF Bennett) to shortly follow. Engine 1 arrived on scene and observed active fire in all basement windows and smoke coming from the first division. A State Trooper pulled a hose line with the assistance of EMS to hit the fire in the basement while the crew of Engine 1 finished gearing up . An additional line was pulled to the rear of the structure. The State Trooper took his line to the front door for the crew of Engine 1 after he achieved decent knockdown of the fire in the basement. The front door was opened and high heat and heavy smoke conditions were found, the crew utilized their hose line in attempts to cool the room to make entry. The crew from Rescue 1 was gearing up to assist the crew of Engine 1. The floor inside the front door was observed to be compromised hindering any entry of fire crews in the current conditions. Lieutenant 1-5 arrived on scene and established command of the incident. Additional mutual aid crews started arriving and began assisting with fire suppression. Chief 1 arrived on scene and assumed command of the incident, second alarm engines were requested for more manpower. The construction of the structure hindered fire personnel with fire suppression and overhaul. After very extensive overhaul units started to be released. Once Chief 1 deemed the structure was overhauled enough the box was placed available.


  • Station 1: Engine 1, Tanker 1, Rescue 1, Chief 1, Fire Police
  • Station 2: Chief 2, Engine 2
  • Station 15: Engine Rescue 15
  • Elk 7: Engine 72, Rescue 7-12, Tanker 7-01, Deputy 7
  • DuBois 72: Truck 72
  • DuBois 73: Engine 73
  • Sandy 36: Special Unit 36, Truck 36
  • Station 4 (2nd Alarm): Engine 4
  • Sandy 39 (2nd Alarm): Squad 39 (Standby at Station 1)
  • Brockway Ambulance
  • Brockway PD: 901
  • PA State Police
  • National Fuel
  • Penelec
  • Red Cross

Command- Lieutenant 1-5, Chief 1