Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-A Structure Fire

12/14/22 07:24 – The 1-A box was alerted for a possible structure fire along Main Street. Elk Company 7, Brookville, Warsaw, and Clearfield DuBois 71 were also alerted on the box. Chief 1 and Elk Chief 7 went enroute, upon arrival they investigated the structure. Truck 1 (DC Trentini) and Engine 1 (AC Reed) both responded. Command held the box to Station 1 due to what was found to finish the investigation, it was determined to be an outlet that caused the issue. The crew from Truck 1 checked for any extension and the box was placed available.

Units on Scene-

  • Station 1: Chief 1, Truck 1, Engine 1, Fire Police
  • Elk 7: Chief 7
  • Brockway Ambulance

Command- Chief 1