Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-AHH Carbon Monoxide Incident

04/30/24 00:55 – Station 1 was alerted for a carbon monoxide (CO) incident in the Borough, reported multiple detectors going off. Chief 1 responded to the scene, upon arrival he spoke with occupants of the building. Rescue 1 (Lt. Martinson) and Engine 1 (FF N. Knox) both responded. Upon the arrival of Rescue 1 the crew split in the building to check conditions, presence of CO was found. The crew of Engine 1 went to another section of the building to check conditions and found no traces of CO. The building was ventilated to drop the CO content. The box was placed available.

Units- Chief 1, Rescue 1, Engine 1, Fire Police

Command- Chief 1