Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-E Structure Fire

10/30/23 21:06 – Station 1 along with automatic mutual aid companies were alerted to the 1-E box for a working residential structure fire in the basement. Chief 1 went enroute shortly after dispatch. Upon his arrival he found light smoke visible in the area, he spoke with the homeowner to determine where the fire was. Engine 1 (Capt. M. Furlong), Rescue 1 (Capt. J. Knox), and Tanker 1 (FF Delio), and Fire Police all responded from Station 1. Chief 1 ordered Engine 1 to lay 5″ supply line from the end of the road and ordered Rescue 1 to reverse lay to the fire hydrant. The crew from Engine 1 went to work pulling a line and going to the basement. Elk Engine 72 arrived and sent their manpower forward to the residence to assist. Engine 4 also arrived shortly after and their manpower was sent to the structure to assist. Deputy 1 advised command the electrical panel was burning and needed de-energized in order to full extinguish the fire. Command 1 advised county Penelec and National Fuel were needed to the scene ASAP. Once the fire was extinguished the structure was ventilated. Multiple units were released from the scene, crews remained for cleanup until the box was placed available.


  • Station 1: Chief 1, Engine 1, Rescue 1, Tanker 1, Fire Police
  • Elk 7: Chief 7, Engine 72, Rescue 7-12, Utility 7-13, Tanker 7-02
  • Station 4: Chief 4, Engine 4, Rescue 4, Tanker 4
  • Station 2: Engine 2
  • Clearfield 36: Truck 36, Special Unit 36, Tanker 36
  • Clearfield 71: Engine 71
  • Brockway Ambulance: Ambulance 10-1

Command- Chief 1