Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-S Outside Fire

04/28/24 16:54 – Station 1 was alerted for a tree that was burning after coming into contact with an electric line along Rattlesnake Road. Chief 1 responded to the scene, upon his arrival he found a small limb that came in contact with the line which caused the line and tree to burn. Brush 1 (FF Whobrey), Tanker 1 (FF Swyers), and Engine 1 (FF Bennett) all responded, Chief 1 canceled all units except Brush 1. Upon the arrival of Brush 1 the crew extinguished the burning tree. The box was placed available.

Units- Chief 1, Brush 1, Tanker 1, Engine 1, Fire Police

Command- Chief 1