Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Box 1-S Vehicle Fire

09/29/22 11:07 – Station 1 was alerted for a vehicle fire along Route 219 near Rattlesnake Road. Rescue 1 (FF N. Knox) responded with a crew of six, while enroute County advised a firefighter on scene was stating the vehicle was fully involved. Rescue 1 arrived advising County of the vehicle being fully involved and that Route 219 would be shutdown. Crews went to work, quickly extinguishing the fire. EMS was placed available by command once the fire was out and it was determined they were not needed. The vehicle was overhauled and ultimately towed away. The box was placed available.


  • Station 1: Rescue 1, Fire Police
  • DuSan Ambulance
  • PSP
  • Tow

Command- FF N. Knox