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Box 11-S MVA w/ Entrapment

5/16/24 07:29 – Station 1 was alerted alongside Station 11 (Horton Township) for a two vehicle, head-on accident with entrapment and injuries along Route 219 in Horton Township. Assistant 11 went enroute shortly after dispatch to their station. Assistant 1 went enroute to Station 1. Rescue 1 (AC Reed), Engine 1 (FF Bennett), Chief 1 (delayed), and Fire Police responded. Fire Police Lieutenant 1-8 arrived first on scene confirming a two vehicle accident with one patient entrapped with injuries. Rescue 11 responded with Utility 11 following. Rescue 11 arrived on scene with Assistant 11 taking command. Command advised it was a vehicle versus school bus, no kids on the school bus. The crew from Rescue 11 went to work starting extrication. Command 11 requested Rescue 1’s rescue tools and crew to assist with extrication upon their arrival. Rescue 1’s crew went to work once they arrived on scene. Upon Engine 1’s arrival the crew went forward to assist. Once the patient was extricated crews assisted EMS with loading the patient. A second EMS unit was requested for the operator of the bus. After extrication was complete, fire crews focused on fluid containment/cleanup. Once the vehicles and debris were remove from the roadway units cleared the scene and the box was placed available.


  • Station 11: Rescue 11, Utility 11
  • Station 1: Rescue 1, Engine 1, Chief 1, Fire Police
  • Brockway Ambulance
  • Ridgway Ambulance
  • PSP
  • D&T Towing

Command- Assistant 11