Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is a 2013 E-One E-Max Rescue Pumper Typhoon Chassis with a  1500 GPM Pump, 780 Gallon Tank, has a 7 Man (5 SCBA) with 4 spare cylinders.

*Compartments labeled based off of picture names*

Hose– 1200’ of 5”, x2 200’ 1 ¾” crosslays, 200’ 2 ½” preconnect, 175’ 1 ¾” bumper line, 100′ high-rise pack, 200′ of 2 ½” deadlay, 400′ of 3″ deadlay, 25′ roll of 5″, hard suction tubes

Cab– x5 SCBA’s, x5 SCBA masks. iPad, Knox Box, portable radios, 4 gas meter, TIC, spare tool batteries, water can, fire extinguisher, set of irons, TNT tool, New York Hook, elevator keys

Driver Compartment 1– Light tower control, air hoses, crash kit, air tools, air cart, airbag control kit, Rhyno glass cutter, Hurst power unit, extra Hurst lines, Hurst hydraulic cutters & spreaders, Hurst e-cutters & e-spreaders, misc. airbags

Driver Compartment 2– Cribbing

Driver Compartment 3– Socket sets, trash bags, saw wheels and blades, metal CRC saw, x4 Res-Q-Jacks & accessories, ratchet jacks, x2 battery reciprocating saws, corded reciprocating saw, x2 battery grinders, x2 traffic flash lights,  shovels, push brooms, misc. tools

Rear Compartments– Electric smoke ejector, extension cords, genlight, cord reel, hydrant bag, x2 6″ hard suction tubes, 16′ roof ladder, 24′ extension ladder, 10′ attic ladder, x2 pike poles

Officer Compartment 1– Life rope & throw rope, battery & electric scene lights, deck gun base, no flash, Hurst e-tool cord, battery ventilation fan, low level strainer, 25′ 5″ pony section, misc. hose equipment

Officer Compartment 2– Battery leaf blower, battery chainsaw, battery cut off saw, ventilation saw, misc. saw equipment

Officer Compartment 3– 100′ high rise pack, road flares, e-flares, x2 Hurst hydraulic rams, Hurst power unit, ram brace, tarps, bottled water, traffic cones, tow straps, chains, bottle jacks, sidewinder jacks, misc. rescue equipment

Coffin Boxes– Hazmat pads, booms, and pillows, storm drain seals, water rescue equipment, Little Giant Ladder, backboard, stocks basket