Organization Phone: 814-268-4000 (For emergencies dial 911)

Tanker 1

Tanker 1 is a 2010 International/4-Guys with a 2000gal tank and a 500GPM pump, has rear/side dumps and a 2000gal portable tank

Hose– x2 200′ 1 ¾” crosslays, 2 ½” deadlay, 200′ of 3″ deadlay, 100′ of 1″ hose (Utility 1), hard suction tube

Cab– SCBA w/ mask

Driver Side Compartment– Misc. hose equipment, traffic cones, 100′ of 1″ hose (Utility 1), barrel strainer, low level strainer, misc. equipment

Rear Compartments– Hard suction tubes, pike pole

Officer Side Compartment– Trash pump, bottled water. indian can