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Neighbors helping neighbors, since 1904
As a member of the Brockway Volunteer Hose Company, you will be given the opportunity to give back to the wonderful community that we all call home. We accept new members with open arms and can assure you that you will not regret being a part of the 116 year brotherhood of volunteer firefighters in our community.

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Physical Address:
751 Taylor Way
Brockway State PA Zip 15824

Mailing Address:
PO Box 253
Brockway State PA Zip 15824

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Box 11-S Vehicle Fire

05/24/24 14:39 – Station 11 was dispatched for a reported sanitation truck on fire on Route 153 in Horton Township. Deputy 11 went enroute requesting Station 1 be added to the box. Engine 1 (FF N. Knox) and Tanker 1 (FF Winnings) responded as well as Fire Police and Engine...
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Box 1-AHH Activated Fire Alarm

05/23/24 23:09 – Box 1-AHH was struck for an activated fire alarm in the Borough. Chief 1 responded to the scene, after investigation he found the source to be burnt food and held the box to Station 1, canceling Station 11. Engine 1 (Capt. J. Knox) responded. The crew from...
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Box 11-S Possible Structure Fire

05/23/24 18:18 – Station 1 was alerted on the 11-S Box for a reported smell of smoke in a residence in Horton Township. Chief 11, Deputy 11, Chief 1, and Deputy 1 went enroute to the scene. Engine 1 (Capt. J. Knox) and Tanker 1 (FF S. Preston) both responded....
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Box 11-S MVA w/ Entrapment

5/16/24 07:29 – Station 1 was alerted alongside Station 11 (Horton Township) for a two vehicle, head-on accident with entrapment and injuries along Route 219 in Horton Township. Assistant 11 went enroute shortly after dispatch to their station. Assistant 1 went enroute to Station 1. Rescue 1 (AC Reed), Engine...
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Elk Box 3-02 MVA

5/13/24 16:01 – Station 1 was alerted alongside Elk Company 7 to the 7-01 box for an MVA on Route 153 with injuries. Elk Chief 7 and Chief 1 both went enroute to the scene. Upon the arrival of Chief 7 he found the accident to be in Fox Township,...
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Brockway Volunteer Hose Company History

Brockwayville was a small community nestled in the Little Toby Valley of Jefferson County, boasting a population near 1200 and growing was the scene of a meeting in the early 1900 of a group of young men interested in forming a Fire Company.

The only equipment for fighting fire available was a two wheel hose cart and 500 feet of hose, purchased by the borough in 1898.

Twenty seven young men met in Heiges Hall to form an organization to fight fire. The hose cart was housed in an addition to the main building that stood between the Railroad and Toby Creek on the south side of Main Street.

The members met on January 16th, 1904 and after the object of the meeting was stated proceeded to perfect an organization by the election of Harry Lindy as temporary chairman and Alex Adams as temporary secretary.

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